A Greater Answer

A Greater Answer

A scientist and student of human nature devised a model of motivations called the hierarchy of needs. Usually drawn as a pyramid, Maslow’s hierarchy extends from a base of physical needs and safety, up through relationships and belonging, and finally into self-actualization – our desire to become the best that we can be. The exceptional design and location of the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, we call J5 benefits from insights such as these.

And yet, part of the miracle of this design is that it transcends needs, fulfills desires, and enables the fortunate residents here to live in the joy and fulfillment that accrue when the answer to Maslow’s hierarchy is, “Yes, all of the above.”

The Magic of Now

Another part of the popularity and value of the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at J5 is that the events of the past three years have given time a different meaning. Postponing is not as popular as it once was. Increasingly, people want to live in their dream home now. And so, it is not surprising that more than half the homes in J5 have been claimed by people who found this design for living fulfills their desires and visions – and that it inspires them to see even greater horizons.

By choosing now as the time to claim their dream home, J5 residents reap the benefits of the personal impact that excellent surroundings can impart. It is well settled that our homes have a profound and daily effect on our well-being, including our thoughts, emotions, and even our behavior. You can look it up. The study of this impact is a growing field that reveals powerful influences on aspects of human nature that range from neuroscience to philosophy to productivity and outlook.

The Practical Purpose

Still, there is nothing dreamy about the benefits that spring to life when we take advantage of this connection between our environment and the fulfillment we experience in life. The fact that these luxury condos in Midtown Atlanta are as near to the BeltLine, Piedmont Park, and our beloved Atlanta Botanical Gardens as they are to the art and urban energy of Midtown makes the old trade-offs compromises between city and suburb recede even more distantly into the past. Here indeed is that best of both worlds we have heard so much about.

The midrise contemporary design of J5 offers a variety of orientations toward the day, with exposures at many points of the compass. Private terraces make it possible to embrace the outdoors at home, without even taking the elevator to the private garden below. This indoor-outdoor feel carries through interior designs, too, with soaring ceilings and cascades of natural light.

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