Elegance Fulfilled

Elegance Fulfilled

Times and tastes change, and homes don’t always keep up. Even floorplans can seem as dated as bronze- or avocado-colored kitchen fixtures, and the bones of a house are much harder to overcome. Being move-in ready in the eyes of today’s homebuyer demands more than the standards of a few years ago. Even Atlanta high-rise condos must rise further to surpass what was known as elegant yesterday.

That word may be a clue in itself. For generations, “elegant” seemed to mean fancy or ornate. Today, we understand the term in the way that engineers always used it. An “elegant solution” in engineering is the simplest answer and not the most elaborate.

Far More than Just for Show

People establishing their homes now demonstrate every day a preference for what a leading design influence calls “the new luxury.” Luxury today is not for show, but rather for convenience, comfort, functionality, and ease. Among the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown, there is no finer, fresher example of this than the homes of J5 Midtown.

Soaring ceilings and vast, neutral interiors bathed in natural light set the scene for lives lived to the fullest. Bringing the great outdoors to city living is a miracle of design demonstrated by J5 Midtown, too. On the sunset terrace, in the pool, or from the vantage point of one of the terraces designed into these fortunate Atlanta Midtown condos, the indoor-outdoor connection is itself a natural phenomenon.

Connected with a Neighborhood

Down the elevator, we encounter human-scale streetscapes, bicycle lanes, and parks of every size – from “vest-pocket” to the Inman Park connection with the fabled, linear “emerald necklace” of the Atlanta BeltLine. J5 indeed offers every opportunity to scale your outdoor life up or down, depending on your plan for the day.

And the future of comfort and value here is assured, as the Blueprint of the Midtown Alliance is an ongoing process of public-private cooperation, proven in generations of success. Making Midtown a walking neighborhood, the Blueprint opens a treasure trove of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and galleries, where the most interesting people in town encounter each other, sharing the energy and ideas that put Atlanta among the most resilient, respected cities of the world. It is a vibe you can take in small doses or in grand gulps, the sense of being where it happens, where the present is a pleasure, and the future is imagined with clarity.

Getting it Right the First Time

Atlanta appears once again among the top 10 hottest markets for home remodeling. The interest in living here is strong and growing, and the desire to have it your way is demonstrated once again by people’s willingness to invest in remaking their own homes, closer to their ideal.

On the other hand, anyone who has gone, or is going, through a home remodel – or even a kitchen or bath update – might willingly tell you that the road to a remodeled home can be a rough one in many ways. Why not buy a home that fits from the beginning?

Let’s get together and talk more specifically about matching these Midtown opportunities to your new vision and new priorities for home. Just call us at 470-589-5055 or find out more at ownj5.com.