Energy and Orginality

Beautiful spacious kitchen and dining space

Energy and Orginality

In the warm embrace of high summer when the advantages of living in the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA are more evident than ever, our thoughts turn to how much more we enjoy here than merely all-season comfort. Even from the outside, as you approach, you can see that J5 was blessed with energy and originality in its design.

So near and yet so far from the buzz of Midtown’s constant contributions to commerce, enterprise, art, and innovation, J5 – outside and in – refreshes with originality and a generous connection with the outdoors. Whether from terrace or yard – or both – all the homes of J5 keep contact with outdoor beauty. The soaring ceilings of these condos in Midtown Atlanta, the abundant natural light, and the cosmopolitan subtlety of neutral colors combine to invite you to breathe easy.

Natural Harmony

You may have heard of the rooftop terrace and the resort-style pool atop J5. The considerate nature of this design carries through inside as well, with spacious public areas offering the option of quiet concentration even without withdrawing. Gym and recreation and entertainment spaces also are designed into the lifestyle of J5.

We still sometimes are astonished by the miracles that can be worked out through intelligent design. One of those miracles is found in the generous sense of the outdoors that is designed into every one of the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at J5. There is barely a single sight line that does not include at least a glimpse of our glorious surroundings. Near at hand is Piedmont Park and all that comes with it, including the delights of the Atlanta BeltLine and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Surrounded with Possibilities

The campus of Georgia Tech, seemingly right next door, beckons with active opportunities to exercise or relax, depending on the mood or the time of day. Even our streetscapes are just a little on the idyllic side, with shaded walks, vest-pocket parks, pedestrian plazas, and bike-friendly routes planned in, thanks to generations of public-private cooperation through the living plan called Blueprint Midtown. Our own resourcefulness played an active part.

An additional $105 million investment adapted the J5 design to the new ways of living and working, drawing inspiration from the Garden District that embraces the Juniper Street locale. Wi-Fi-enabled shared spaces were endowed with sensible separation and digital connectivity throughout the building. Professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs with the option of working from home have here an up-to-the-minute environment for the new workstyle, with never a pang of feeling confined. The vast possibilities that come with genuinely brilliant design are here for the living. To discover the feeling it may offer you, give us a call at 470-589-5055