Juniper Complete Street Project

Juniper Complete Street Project

The delight that people discover in the design of J5 works both inside and outside these luxury condos in Atlanta, GA. As we approach J5, the originality of the building is unmistakable. Straightforward, clear, direct lines and proportions create a character that seems to stand out and to fit at the same time. The idea of “modern” is almost too self-conscious when we consider how apt and relevant is the appearance that J5 projects to the outside world.

This feeling seems like, “of course,” when we step in to the interior design of the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at J5. Spacious and sunlit, the floorplans seem to support an inspiration for how to spend your time. The most advanced form of considerate design imparts an impression that someone anticipated what you would want to see and think and feel here.

Like a gem in its proper setting, the contentment and convenience of J5 extends even to the neighborhood beyond. A profound accomplishment in city design is one reason for how pleasant the setting is today, and why we can be assured that the comforts of it will continue to compound and extend into the future.

The Middle Name is “Complete”

The Juniper Complete Street Project that embraces these condos in Midtown Atlanta is aptly named for any number of reasons. From the way community interests were consulted carefully all along the way, to the state-of-the-art contributions of the designers and planners engaged by developers, to the 360-degree perspective of the Midtown Alliance – perhaps America’s most successful public-private urban planning process – the Juniper project has been patiently, diligently, and thoroughly shepherded into reality. The word, Complete, really does belong in the name.

Extending 12 blocks, between 14th Street and Ponce de Leon, the project is under way to create a bikeway with pedestrian amenities and a shaded streetscape. The treasured Midtown connection with nature that is Piedmont Park is a mere six-block walk, and yet there is no waiting for that feeling of nature, thanks to the Juniper project’s provision of trees in the streetscape and planters that help protect the bike path and at the same time play a role in rainwater management.

If it sounds like the design of the project takes every element into consideration, well, the same could be said about the patient, diligent, consultative process that brought the Juniper Complete Street Project into being.

Blueprint for a Livable City

Shaded streetscapes, bike lanes, pocket parks, and plazas are the not-so-secret ingredients of Midtown that make it one of the world’s most successful mixed-use neighborhoods. In fact, the results of the managed and directed process of the Midtown Alliance enlists thousands of citizens and businesses in a productive dialogue. For decades, the results have proven to be astounding. Private initiatives have resulted in more than $4.5 billion of new investment in Midtown since 1997, and the momentum continues today.

Thanks to the engaged and ongoing process of Blueprint Midtown, this quality of life here is preserved and projected into the future. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss what engagement, focus, vitality, and sensibility such as this could mean to you, for living or investment. Just call us at 470-589-5055.