A Hub for Health and Innovation

A Hub for Health and Innovation

What does it say about the value and prospects of the luxury condos in Atlanta Georgia when the neighborhood is selected as the site of a global center for the enterprises of health and innovation? To say the value is pinned to the fortunes of a rapidly and persistently growing industry is barely the beginning.

When a coalition of business and health leaders announced last month a 17-year set of leases totaling 200,000 square feet in the 47-story midtown structure that once housed AT&T, to be devoted to a Center for Global Health Innovation, it in effect placed a cornerstone for initiatives that will attract and nourish Midtown investment in healthcare and the life sciences. “This is going to catalyze the industry,” said Maria Thacker Goethe, chief executive of the coalition formed by a merger of the Georgia Global Health Alliance and Georgia Bio.

Part of a Plan

A study conducted years ago by the Georgia Research Alliance found that Georgia’s life science industry sector lacked key elements, including a nucleus, a focal point for investment and collaboration. “We didn’t have a place. So, you can check that box,” Thacker Goethe said of the Center’s announcement in December.

Already a fertile ground for health and research enterprises, Atlanta now has a place to plant them. With research universities, medical schools, healthcare tech firms, high-profile health charities, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta’s credentials and assets for becoming a leader in life sciences are well established. Coordinated efforts, synergy and efficiency are facilitated by this commitment to a global center. The desirability of Midtown Atlanta condos for sale further opens the door for attracting the intellectual capital that will fuel the burgeoning industry sector.

A Continuing Story

Atlanta’s ability to propel development of an industry sector is demonstrated by the nearly two-decades-long success of Technology Square. The idea of leaping over the Downtown Connector to establish what became an eight-block, 1.4 million square-foot collection of buildings devoted to fostering initiatives in technology, business, research, and professional education occurred initially to Georgia Tech president Wayne Clough, when security surrounding the Olympic Games prompted him to find a new driving route to work.

Since then, the energy emanating from Georgia Tech has harmonized with Atlanta’s famous appetite for business to produce a virtually uncountable number of successful enterprises. Public-private, town-and-gown conversations have turned readily into business, industry, and employment throughout Atlanta’s recent history, and so the track record that precedes the Center for Global Health innovation is promising indeed. The value of condos in Midtown Atlanta is but one result of this capacity for collaboration.

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