The Open Heart of Midtown

The Open Heart of Midtown

“How could you not?” We imagine this might be the answer if asked why the contemporary design of J5 Midtown is so open. These luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia, are open to the skyline, open to the neighborhood, open to the green spaces, open to the energy that makes these new condos near Piedmont Park such a topic of conversation.

The design is open, too, to the personal visions of the people who choose this easygoing version of a sanctuary in the city.

Our Own Kind of Getaway

“The truth is, I find no refuge in rural.” A friend who values his small-town upbringing – and has no desire to explore it further – put it this way. “It’s hard to relax if I don’t know I have options.” When peace and quiet are the only way to go, they don’t seem peaceful after all, more like lonely. Here in Midtown Atlanta, advanced design and the insights of architecture conspire to wrap J5 residents in a world that is theirs to engage or withdraw, for action or serenity, whatever the mood or mission might call for.

Taking full advantage of our proximity to Piedmont Park, the mid-rise profile of J5 lends a boutique feel to living – obviously a good idea, and yet not over-discovered. Whether from a sunset terrace, a courtyard, or from the prime vantage of your own room-size balcony, there is a feeling of freedom here that is hard to match anywhere else in the city.

Emotion by Design

The direct connection between where we are and how we feel might seem obvious, and yet it is the subject of some fresh new scholarship. Advances in neuroscience make it possible to study more specifically how we respond to our environments. As a result, thinkers such as distinguished architecture professor Harry Francis Mallgrave observe that a lack of curiosity about this connection “is no longer tenable.” Mallgrave writes that, “the quality of these environmental fields has a powerful impact on our cognitive and organic development over a relatively short time.”

In other words, it matters where we spend our time, where we call home. It matters a great deal and possibly more than we realize. Knowing that we are always growing – if we give ourselves the chance to do so – doesn’t it make sense to choose an environment that nurtures and sustains that growth?

Like-Minded Partners

The architectural partners in the design of J5 Midtown, Smith Dalia, are the second generation of a firm that distinguished itself in Atlanta and garnered international notice and acclaim. Their philosophy and execution, their inspiration and hard work, their partnership between wisdom and youth, proved to be important keys as we unlocked the possibilities of these unique condos in Midtown Atlanta.

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