Making Your Choice the Best of All

Making Your Choice the Best of All

A family greeting card we saw the other day says, “Dear 2020: Let’s never do that again!” Fortunate, indeed, are we who can look back and laugh. Among the surprises brought by the past year came a new way of looking at home. For many of us, home no longer could get by as just the hub from which we reach out to all the activities brought on by busy lives and careers. Quite suddenly, home was an all-encompassing live-work-play environment, a setting that encompassed every aspect of life, work, family, and community.

From this new realization, millions decided to waste no time arriving at the home of their dreams. The standard for what makes a home comfortable and functional, nurturing and energizing, rose to a higher level. Postponing this ideal no longer made sense. The result was a vigorous surge in homebuying, and the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA were no exception.

The Personal Impact of Excellent Surroundings

The fact that our surroundings, our built environment, and the architecture of our homes have a profound and daily effect on our well-being, including our thoughts, emotions, and even our behavior, is well settled. In fact, the study of this impact is a growing field in which aspects of human nature that range from neuroscience to philosophy, as well as architecture, are revealing powerful influences.

More and more, it is recognized that there are very practical reasons to put yourself in environments that you find agreeable and supportive. For many, the search and selection of their preferred environment has led to the condos in Midtown Atlanta, and the reasons for this conclusion are interesting.

The Conquest of Design over Trade-Offs

In generations past, people accepted the ordeal and expense of commuting, if they wished to live in a more restorative environment than could be found close to their places of work or business. In time, the trade-offs that came with suburbia exacted their own cost. Becoming disconnected from art, entertainment, culture, and the vitality of a great city no longer seemed worth the sacrifice, as many people saw it. A friend put it this way: “Being in the city in the daytime and the country at night seemed exactly backward, once I experienced it. I moved back to the city every time I tried that.”

Today, the continual refinement of design and architecture has brought breakthroughs for integrating the best of both worlds. The Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at J5 Midtown present a particularly fine example.

When You See It All Together

The midrise contemporary design of J5 Midtown offers a variety of orientations toward the day, with exposures at many points of the compass. Private terraces make it possible to embrace the outdoors at home, without even taking the elevator to the private community garden below. This indoor-outdoor feel carries through interior designs, too, with high ceilings and cascades of natural light.

The fact that these luxury condos are as near to the Beltline, Piedmont Park, and our beloved Atlanta Botanical Gardens as they are to the art and urban energy of Midtown makes the old trade-offs recede even more distantly into the past. Here, indeed, is that best of both worlds we have heard so much about.

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