It’s Easy to Feel

It’s Easy to Feel

“It’s a little hard to describe, but it’s easy to feel the difference at J5,” she said. A recent buyer was telling us why J5 Midtown became her choice for location, design, and lifestyle. Others have said that J5 homes are like a perfectly prepared canvas on which they can paint their own personal portrait. This is what sets them apart from all other luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia.

Neutral colors, crisp design, and loads of natural light under high ceilings set the scene for a way of living in Midtown that has a feel all its own. It is as if the creative energy of lofts met the amenities of a high-rise and adopted the commercial and entrepreneurial acumen of a downtown, and then breathed in the modern oasis feeling of Palm Springs. People simply say they haven’t seen any Midtown Atlanta condos for sale that are even remotely like J5.

As she said: Hard to describe; easy to feel.

From the Rooftop to the Streets

Scenic terraces and a rooftop garden offer J5 residences every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors right at home. And, thanks to the incomparably successful, ongoing master plan for Midtown, considerate, human-scale streetscapes, bicycle lanes, and parks of every size – from “vest-pocket” to the Inman Park connection with the fabled, linear “emerald necklace” of the Atlanta Beltline – offer every opportunity to scale your outdoor life up or down, depending on the mood you desire.

Making Midtown a walking neighborhood, as the Blueprint of the Midtown Alliance does, opens a treasure trove of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and galleries, where the most interesting people in town encounter each other, sharing the energy and ideas that put Atlanta among the most resilient, respected cities of the world. It is a vibe you can take in small doses or in grand gulps, the sense of being where it happens, where the present is a pleasure, and the future is imagined with clarity.

The Desire Behind It All

What’s new is the perfection. The desire behind making Midtown such a stylish choice for young entrepreneurs and artists in Atlanta began in the mid-1970s, and it has been guided steadily ever since then. The urban impulse, the ability to put people in the center of engagement, and to add hours to the day by avoiding a commute; the balance of offerings among reclaimed and restored historic buildings and leading-edge, original design such as that found at J5, make city living in Atlanta ever more attractive as time goes on.

In the process, a lifestyle that builds in the best of both city and suburb is growing in availability, just in time for a generation of homeowners that places quality of life even higher than any generation that came before it. The people making the economy and its opportunities grow today are far less likely to compromise on their personal values. Those values include what might be called the simple pleasures of life – a walk with the dog after work, a place where neighbors encounter each other without planning it, a place where their children can play the way they once did and still flourish among the riches of culture that are found in one of the world’s great cities.

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