Our Work Lives Have Changed

Our Work Lives Have Changed

These past few years have led many of us to this realization: We can successfully work from home without our careers or businesses turning upside down.

This lightbulb moment has inspired beneficial changes in how we work and has brought awareness to the importance of maintaining work-life balance. When we work from home, we can have the quiet we need for focusing and staying productive. And when we work from home, we are more able to notice our personal needs – due to less distractions – and make necessary changes to meet them, even if that’s as simple as taking a quick yoga break to stretch our muscles and clear our thoughts.

Although this era has been chaotic and stressful for many of us, this chapter of life has given us the gift of awareness, along with a more universal acceptance of remote work. And here at J5, we are aligned with this evolving option for professionals. Throughout the property, we have quiet spots for taking on the workday. And for those of us who prefer a more social and active atmosphere, there’s a city just outside our door that’s filled with a variety of options for working remotely.

These condos in Midtown Atlanta are not only a place to call home, but also a place where we can have an efficient, yet flexible work life. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario.

Atlanta: Our City for Endless Coffee Shop Options

Like any large city, Atlanta is bursting with coffee shops. So, if our ideal location for being productive is in that type of setting, then we’ve chosen the right place to live.

For those of us who find motivation in active settings, East Pole Coffee is a great option. We can tap into the energy of the shop while also fueling up on caffeine and tasty food. There’s also Huge x Brash, a business that goes above and beyond with their coffee, tea, food, and customer service.

If these urban environments aren’t the right vibe, though, then we can transform our workday into something different with a serene view at one of Chattahoochee Coffee Company’s two locations right on the Chattahoochee River. Either coffee shop is about 10 miles away from J5, but it’s worth the 10- to 20-minute drive. At Chattahoochee Coffee Company, we find the peace we need for focusing on our work, plus an ideal atmosphere for relaxing breaks as the river flows by and the beauty of the natural world calms our nerves.

J5: Our Office and Our Charging Station

If we’re not up to leaving our home, though, that’s not a problem. We have plenty of areas here at J5 for finding a convenient and comfortable spot to be both productive and relaxed.

In just a short walk, we can situate ourselves in quiet and spacious areas to make our way through the workday. Enjoy working outside? The sun-filled, elevated city garden or the shaded sunset terrace are perfect for working alfresco. Prefer being indoors? The indoor communal areas – just for residents – are another amazing option for us. Our peaceful homes are even a great option.

And how about taking a break? J5 has that figured out for us as well. When we’re ready to close our computers and walk away from our phones, we can sunbathe on a chaise lounge right outside, go for a refreshing swim in the pool, read in a lounge area, work out in the fitness center, or head back to our home for a quick power nap. J5 has designed the perfect work-from-home environment for us.

Our work lives have drastically changed with remote work’s rise in popularity – and that’s been great for a lot of us. This new chapter has given us an opportunity: We can now work wherever we want and finally establish a lifestyle that matches who we are and how we want to navigate our lives.

J5 and Atlanta have made this transition effortless for us, with spots to work right at home and nearby coffee shops for setting up shop. If this sounds like the opportunity you want to seize, then give us a call at 470-589-5055 or discover more at ownJ5.com. We look forward to talking to you and showing you how to create the best work-life balance at our Midtown condominiums.