Remarkably Uninterrupted

Remarkably Uninterrupted

One enduring result of the most recent three years is that people set a higher standard for enjoying their homes, and millions sought and bought a new place to live. The desires that arose from this experience continue.

The luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, already enjoyed a sought-after reputation, and in the wake of the pandemic they are appreciated more than ever. The priority that people place on this approach to living actually increased. The unique appeal of the design achieved at J5 is surrounded also by a profound desirability in its Midtown neighborhood.

Never Missing a Step

Recalling the doubts and disruptions that occurred elsewhere, we appreciate even more the news that the condos in Midtown Atlanta are enfolded in a community that is enjoying a crest of development and creativity, and the steady growth in value that results from this vitality.

Reaching New Heights

Taking the most recent two years together, 4.2 million square feet of office space, 6,500 residential units, a quarter million square feet of retail space were either delivered or began building during these 24 months. It is the greatest period of investment, vitality, and development in memory.

The Texture of Midtown Life

Record-breaking development would be of little reassurance to people who consider the possibilities that the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale could mean to them, if not for the unsurpassed investment in planning and building the quality of life that surrounds them.

To assure this livability, the Midtown Alliance has been at work for more than a quarter century, bringing together the best that business leaders, civic, and community organizations can get from the most accomplished architects and planners. The most recent Blueprint Midtown includes a comprehensive public life action plan that assures streetscapes that are shaded, accommodating, and human scale; green spaces that invite a pause for perspective; and transportation options that range from rail to car to bicycle to pedestrian – and blends of all three.

It is remarkably reassuring to know that the considerate design of J5 enjoys a setting that is in harmony with our commitment to the quality of life here. Let’s talk over the possibilities. Just call us at 470-589-5055