A Setting that Suits You

A Setting that Suits You

The tendency to see and feel these distinctive surroundings of J5 as a kind of canvas, inviting your own brushstrokes, is fascinating. It invites exploring.

Of all the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, J5 stands out for its miraculous taste. The appearance of the building itself as we approach is striking, and yet certainly not ostentatious. The serenity of the horizontal line and the assured strength of right angles are, to a great extent, left to speak for themselves. Even from outside, we can see an abundance of connection between inside and out, as blank balconies hint of the private terraces within.

Ornamentation is left behind, in another age. J5 seems to say that life itself is interesting enough, and that we are here to offer strength and a degree of structure, and certainly not here to show off.

The Next Step

The next step, beyond the first impression of these sought-after condos in Midtown Atlanta, is the step inside. Within, we discover what happens when a whole generation of considerate design comes into its own. Our inheritance from the most advanced designers of our time is a new and refined level of thoughtfulness. The essence of excellent design, they taught us, is to anticipate what people would want to see and think and feel in this space.

To consider with care how the home will be used and how best it can be enjoyed is what we learned from the greats, from the sources of the breakthroughs that ripple throughout the most fortunate homes and buildings in the world now. The design of J5 takes this inspiration boldly to the step beyond.

An Ability to Inspire

What makes these particular condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta suit you so well is a quality that inspires and energizes. More, in fact, than just a blank canvas, this is a setting that calls out the best in our outlook, the upward pull of the spirit. The reason people have aspired to achieve brilliant design for thousands of years is that our environment so powerfully influences our feelings and the actions we take in response to them.

At first this effort was undoubtedly instinctive. And yet, when science placed better tools in human hands, that science validated the inspired answers that already had emerged. Phenomenal effects, such as the power and reverence of the Parthenon in Athens, turned out to trace to proportions that proved to produce similar effects, all down through the ages.

The Validation of Science

Now that neuroscience has ways of imaging the activity of the brain, it is even further settled that our environment, including especially our built environment, has profound effects on the quality of life that we experience, even within.

If the enormous possibilities that this presents are of interest, whether for your style of living or for the investment goals that the magnetic qualities of J5 allow us to achieve, then just call us at 470-589-5055.