The Chance to Choose Now

The Chance to Choose Now

More than half the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale at J5 are already in the hands of happy owners. In other times, this might be a commonplace fact, and yet today it testifies to the willingness in this generation to step forward now into fulfilling their dreams and desires. The fortunate folks who live today at J5 chose now as the only moment in which a person can take action.

The Proof of Desire

And here is where J5 shines so brightly. Here people find the setting, the circumstances, the surroundings, and the opportunities that call forth the life they’ve had in their sights all along. Here at last is the perfect place to express it, to achieve it, to fulfill it. Distinct among all the luxury condos in Atlanta, GA, J5 empowered people to choose now as the time to act.

Celebrating each person’s own sense of style, the design of these amply appointed homes, their personal connections with the light and air that surrounds them and their connection with the Garden District that embraces them – and vice versa – add up to a choice they were willing to make now. Embodying the desires that drive a creative and enterprising life today, in the company of others who aim just as high, J5 has proven to offer the balance in which people make miracles.

At Your Service

Amenities at J5 are just as immediate as the moment, with a fitness center, a pool and sunset terrace, a garden, and even a dog spa on site. With measures that make living easy right here at your fingertips, the life that beckons is full of time that is not already spoken for, time for your choice of what to do, ways to enjoy every day as a place of possibility.

Nature and culture are here, too, in easy reach. Atlanta’s best bars and restaurants, the city’s treasured cultural assets, the most treasured and biggest and longest green spaces that Atlanta has to offer – as well as some tiny ones to discover – are footsteps away from J5, the condos in Midtown Atlanta that embody the best possibilities for where to devote your time, your awareness, your designs and intentions.

If stepping forward into the possibilities for fulfilling your finest dreams is on your mind, we have a way to make the present moment the right time for taking action. Just call us at 470-589-5055.