Where We Measure our Winter in Weeks

Where We Measure our Winter in Weeks

Many of us who live in the luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia, never lose sight of how fortunate we are to live in a city that measures its winters in weeks rather than months. Most of us have friends who’ve been hit hard up north with chill, winds, and snow. We know a fabulous men’s clothing store that moved from the northeast and gave up even stocking the kind of coat you wear over a city suit – a cashmere or camel-hair topcoat with lapels. It was not the rise of more casual office wear, they said, but rather the declining relevance of a major top layer.

When you mark your winters by adding a golf jacket to your golf sweater, you have ample reason to give thanks that you live in the condos in Midtown Atlanta. Whether now in the heart of fall or in a few months when we experience our version of winter, you can enjoy the open, inviting, contemporary design of J5, an aesthetic that expands the urban view to bring the outdoors close to hand with terraces and yards and a rooftop park.

The Sheer Vitality of City Living

Years ago, if you came to inspect the Midtown Atlanta condos for sale on a weekend, you might think you had landed on the movie set of a sci-fi thriller. Quiet streets and buildings took the place of Atlanta’s passionate, beating financial heart just because it was Saturday or Sunday, and the contrast was stark. That’s a picture from the past thanks to a guided process that reaps the benefits of Atlanta’s best minds to review, reinforce, and refresh the course of Midtown. Blueprint Midtown is a classic, long-term success story of the mixed-use, live-near-your-work ideals of contemporary design and development. Luxury condos flourish in Midtown Atlanta as a direct result.

And here, mixed-use is far more than just an ideal. Steadily over the course of two decades, Midtown has attracted more than $7 billion in new investment and opportunities. New streetscape projects and traffic/transport programs alone added $15.7 million to that investment in a recent year. Careful and collaborative planning assure the walkability, bike-friendly, and public transit options that today’s knowledge-based workforce demands.

The nearness of nightlife, cuisine, educational opportunities, artistic interests, and world-class performance plays a big part in the attraction of Midtown, too. A lot boils down to just how good it feels here and how much there is to do.

The Warmth of Winter

The reasons that Midtown Atlanta bustles, even off duty and even in winter, are many, and they appeal to discerning interests. The design, location, vistas, and vibe of J5 is very particularly suited to these desires and priorities. To discuss what that might mean for your own outlook, for living or investment, just call us at 470-589-5055 or find out more at ownj5.com.